Our team currently consists of six team leaders and roughly 30 sub team members. We have meetings as leaders, with our full team, and with our sub teams. Those meetings each occur once per week with sub team meetings being scheduled by the respective sub team lead. To see and get in touch with our team leads, see our 'Team Leaders' tab.

Wisconsin Autonomous brings together students across different majors and years to resemble an interdisciplinary company culture. The charts below illustrate how our team breaks down amongst different categories. As a relatively new team we are excited to have talent spread across ages and backgrounds and are looking forward to expanding and diversifying our team more in coming years.


Our team would not be complete without our faculty adviser, Glenn Bower. Glenn has decades worth of engineering experience and has worked on all 4 of the big SAE competitions at the UW. He is instrumental in forging partnership with industry, arranging sponsorships and navigating the competitions. Glenn’s office is located in the Engineering Centers Building in room M1060A (located in the Automotive Design Studio).


Faculty Adviser – Glenn Bower