• Johnny Kohlbeck

Welcome New Members! - 2/15/2019

At our new member orientation meeting this past Sunday we welcomed several new students to each of our sub teams. Especially as a first year team with lots of work ahead of us, it’s great to have that influx of help!

The team is fully student run with our Faculty Advisor Glenn Bower overseeing our work. Our team generally breaks down into leaders of different subteams that work with a group of students to make each subsystem of the car come together. Team members collaborate with each other, university professors, and industry contacts to develop their design projects. These projects vary between subteams but include powertrain CAD, actuation design (steering, braking, emergency stop system), chassis kinematics and loading, sensor calibration, object recognition, path planning, algorithm optimization, image processing, battery sizing, electrical schematic design, and more.

The team brings together students from different (primarily engineering and business) majors. For example, mechanical engineers are exposed to electrical design, electrical engineers see FEA first hand, business majors learn the engineering design process, and computer science students see how budgets and sponsor outreach are coordinated. This collaborative approach is only successful with all team members learning critical, out-of-the-classroom skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, resilience, and how to apply their coursework to real world challenges.

We are excited to have a new wave of motivated students join our team and are looking forward to the work we will accomplish together!

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